Lift’n Cart FAQs

Which direction should I install the base?

Every generator size has a different center of gravity based primarily on the engine mass and rotor/stator mass. This means that you may find lifting and moving any generator harder or easier based on which end you lift from. The base mounting holes are designed, in general, to put more of the load in front of the tires when lifted so the generator doesn’t tip back. However, each generator is different, so try picking up from each end to establish which procedure balances the generator best for you.

Why is the standard generator cart so wide?

The standard model handle with wheels measures 60” to be able to straddle a standard 42” pallet, for picking up pads and generators. We are, however, listening to feedback that many of you do not need to straddle a pallet and would like a narrower version.

Are you working on a narrower version?

Yes, we plan to introduce a skinny version currently in development with high flotation tires for 14-26kWatt Kohler and 18-26kWatt Generac models that will fit through a 42” gate. We also plan to offer the same skinny cart with optional thin tires for the much wider Cummins, Briggs & Stratton, and smaller square base Kohler and Generac models.

Are you working on a motorized version?

Yes, we plan to introduce a hub motor version currently in development of both the standard and narrow version handle. It will be configured to run from the new DeWalt FlexVolt 20/60Vdc battery pack, will have forward and reverse, and be designed to climb hills and walk-up landscape trailer ramps.

How hard is it to push the cart uphill with a large generator?

We recommend starting at the highest elevation point and working your way down. A 600lb generator is heavy no matter how large the tires are, so it pays to plan your job ahead of time. It’s much easier to go downhill first to get up momentum before heading uphill. We routinely drop off the generator either at the highest point in the street or driveway for this reason. It makes the job much easier.

What design factors went into making the Lift’n Cart?

We designed the Lift’n Cart generator cart with tubular stainless-steel rails to be as light as possible but also to serve as torsion bars that flex as needed vs. breaking if you run the cart fully loaded over a curb. In addition, the support tubes are hollow to save weight, with steel threaded ends for durability. We also designed it to conserve space: it can hang on a wall at the shop, or in a box truck, for example, or fit in a standard pickup truck bed.

What is the difference between the Kohler Only base vs the Multi base?

Kohler has larger through holes, so we use larger diameter 1.38” support tubes on the Kohler Only base. The Multi base uses smaller 1.13” support tubes to fit Generac and other brand lifting holes.

Do I need to tighten the base nuts with a wrench?

We suggest hand tightening only the nuts on the ends of the tubes going through the base of the generator.

Can this generator cart move 4” cement pads?

Yes, we can supply longer lifting hooks, if you let us know.