Koliath Multi Lift’n Cart
60" Wide Multi K600-m1 Lift'n Cart


A Generator Cart for Installing Generac and Kohler Stationary Generators

Compatible with:

  • Generac 10-26kWatt Guardian series*
  • Kohler 8-26kWatt residential series
  • 3″ cement pads


  • 60″ wide tire to tire
  • Rugged 18″ tires
  • Durable stainless-steel – now silver color
  • Wide enough to straddle a full pallet and fits neatly inside a pickup truck for easy transport

*Note- only works on Generac models made after 2022.

Coming soon by popular demand we’ll be introducing a separate base specifically for Briggs and Stratton and Cummins standby generators that will be optimized for the different weight distribution of those units.

Click here for Tools Needed and Handle Assembly Instructions and here for Base Assembly Instructions.

Ships in three boxes.  Cart color is now silver instead of blue.  Order does not come with cement pad or generator, for reference only. See features and specs below.

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USA Lower 48 States Only



  • Designed for one person to perform an entire generator and pad placement
  • Base includes stowable hanger kit for 3” pre-cast pads
  • Generator cart and base are designed to fit in a full size 5.5’ or longer pickup bed
  • Generator cart and base are designed to be hung on a wall to minimize shop space when not in use
  • Anti-tip back auto safety latches for base with conveniently located releases levers on handles to prevent smaller generators from tipping over backwards when carting
  • Large flotation tires for soft lawns, gravel and dirt, with enough traction to minimize side slip on hills
  • Extra wide wheelbase to straddle pallets
  • Sealed ball bearing wheel hubs for long life and heavy loads
  • Ergonomic handle height for optimum pushing angle
  • Durable tubular steel construction combines strength with light weight
Koliath Lift NCart 1 for Kohler 8 to 26 KW Generators 29
Weight:71 lbs19 lbs22 lbs
Dimensions:L: 65.5"L: 34"L: 46"
W: 59.3"W: 41"W: 41"
Capacity:600 lbs600 lbs600 lbs
Tire Size:18" x 9"

How To Steps

Koliath Lift NCart 1 for Kohler 8 to 26 KW Generators 6



Bolt together base to form a rigid lifting frame, then use included pad hangers for lifting standard 3” precast cement generator pads.

Close up photo of the Koliath Kohler Lift'n Cart k600-k1 generator cart displayed on outside on top of a cement pad



Walk up behind base with wheeled handle, hook in front catch on base bolts then push down to auto lock in anti-tip back feature. Push down main handle bar to lift and move cement pad.

Koliath Kohler Lift N'Cart cart assembled with Kohler generator loaded on top outside. With generator cement pad in front.


Insert base aluminum tubes through generator lifting holes then bolt together base to form a rigid lifting frame. Nuts only need to be hand tightened. Generator can now be lifted and moved. Note: Bases have multiple hole options for different Kohler generators

Image showing how a Kohler generator looks after it's been placed on a cement pad with the Koliath Lift N'Cart and the handle has been removed.


After placing generator on pad, disengage handle from base carefully then remove aluminum rods from generator.


KB-600 UNI8-26 Base Parts Diagram

Top Done Koliath Cart